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Comedy Genius:
A Masterclass on the Rules of Comedy



Nearly 3 hours of audio from Scott Dikkers himself

A $147 workshop for comedy professionals recorded in Burbank, CA. This pristine audio of Scott Dikkers is now available to you for only $37!


Hundreds of comedy tips, tactics, and rules

Described as “a no-holds-barred comedy masterclass”—Scott shares countless “nuggets of comedy gold” in one of his most generous workshops.


A complete, 20,000-word 
audio transcript

EXTRA: You’ll also get a complete, searchable, 20,000-word PDF of the workshop, designed specifically as an independent study tool.

$147 Value For Only $37

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What You’ll Learn:

💡 The 5 most common, “laugh-killer” mistakes comedy writers make

💡The 1 thing separating professional comedy writers from the “wannabes”

💡The 3 “fatal flaws” of comedy wannabes, the people who keep struggling

💡The 5 simple, actionable “Laws of Comedy” (things you can fix right now)

💡The comedy tactic you should NEVER use (even though it gets instant laughs)
“Nothing short of life-changing…”
“I have had the pleasure of taking Scott’s classes over the last three years and they have been nothing short of life-changing."

When I first started, I was a comedy novice and a part-time writer at best. But after taking Scott’s classes, I finally launched my own comedy blog and now run a weekly Writer’s Room with a dozen other writers. Scott’s classes not only provided me with a strong foundation in comedy writing, but also the skills and training necessary to lead and manage a team.”
Geoff Squire, real student
💡 The “effective” jokes that get a stand-up audience to lose all respect for you 

💡Why your job as a comedian is actually NOT to appease the audience

💡What comedy audiences love even more than laughing (what they really want)

💡How to avoid burning out your audience (i.e., making them sick of you)

💡The proven formula new comics can follow to find success (over time)
“I highly recommend!”
“I took Scott’s class and the experience really helped me to dig deeper with my comedy. With his help, I was able to write a book, which really put my work out there. I highly recommend following his steps if you’re looking to kickstart your comedy career!”
—Alyssa VonCrash, real student
💡 How to create completely fresh, original jokes that appeal to “tastemakers”

💡Why being “book smart” can actually be a liability for comedians

💡How to make your “intelligent” material accessible to the masses

💡The common traps even the best comedians fall into when writing jokes

💡The hardest thing about writing a sketch or set (and how to make it easy)

$147 Value For Only $37
You Won’t See this Price Again!

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“Instrumental in making me a full-time comedy writer.”
“Scott’s teaching was instrumental in making me a full-time comedy writer. 

His analytical approach to writing and critiquing jokes helps you really understand what makes something funny, and helps transform the often enigmatic, frustrating process of writing comedy into something more productive and tangible. Any aspiring comedian, no matter their level of experience, can benefit from his knowledge.”
Matt Spina, real student
💡 The most effective way to start, escalate, and end a sketch

💡The counter-intuitive trick master comics use to “control” an audience

💡How to find your comedic voice (and the telltale signs you’re not being true to it)

💡The best (and worst) type of feedback you can get at any level of comedy

💡How to “hypnotize” an audience into paying attention to everything you say
“Scott's honesty and detailed feedback helped me become a published satire writer.”
“Many of my classmates also placed their work in very prestigious publications. I learned how to add value to a writers’ room, find paid comedy opportunities, and build a loyal social media following.

As a teacher myself, I use many of Scott’s techniques to empower my own students to become confident, strong writers.”
Blayr Austin, real student
💡 Scott’s step-by-step process for writing a satirical story about anything

💡Why it’s impossible to write comedy alone (and how to work others)

💡The 1 tactic that made shows like The Simpsons and Seinfeld comedy classics

💡The all-important difference between “comedic” and “dramatic” structure

💡The single essential ingredient that all comedy needs (it’s good for life, too)

$147 Value For Only $37

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If you want your headshot on the wall, 
you have to follow the rules… 

Get almost 3 hours of audio covering hundreds of essential comedy tips, tactics, 
and rules from one of the best comedy writers in the world. Plus, you’ll get a complete, 
20,000-word transcript to read and study, free.

“There aren’t many people out there more qualified 
to teach about the art and the craft comedy than 
Scott Dikkers. He’s as good as it gets.”
— — — 

Mike Sacks, editor

$147 Value For Only $37

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