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How To Write Funny
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How To Write Funny
Taught by Scott Dikkers, founder and longest-serving 
editor of TheOnion.com
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Scott and his comedy-writing secrets have been featured in these and many other media outlets...

Hi, I’m Scott Dikkers.
Founder of TheOnion.com
I’ve spent years teaching people to be funny. Yes, it’s true—you can be taught how to be funny! 
It’s a common misconception that people are born funny. That’s simply not possible. I’ve never 
met a funny infant. Like everything else in life, it’s a learned skill that you can improve upon 
with practice and the correct tools. I’ve perfected these tools over the years through hard work 
and a lot of falling flat on my face. Now you don’t have to waste any time figuring it out on 
your own—you can take the fast track!

In my latest course, How To Write Funny 
(based on my bestselling book) you’ll learn:


How to get past writer's block and 
churn out high quality concepts 
and jokes…


The basic fundamentals broken down 
for you step-by-step (great for beginners 
as well as seasoned professionals who 
want to sharpen their tools)…


How to cultivate motivation (something 
we all need)…


📌 The complete How To Write Funny course in 20 videos and MP3s along 
       with weekly assignments and bonus materials

📌 Access to my private Facebook group where you'll be able to interact 
       with me and your comedy-writing peers

📌 1 monthly "Ask me anything" live call + replay

📌 a complete comedy terms glossary

📌 and more!
"Instrumental in making me a full-time comedy writer."
"Scott’s teaching was instrumental in making me a full-time comedy writer. His analytical approach to writing and critiquing jokes helps you really understand what makes something funny, and helps transform the often enigmatic, frustrating process of writing comedy into something more productive and tangible. Any aspiring comedian, no matter their level of experience, can benefit from his knowledge."
Matt Spina, Onion Staff writer

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Get 20 in-depth video lessons across 3 parts:

Back to basics

Lesson 1 – Introduction

💡 Learn how to develop a great concept behind every joke so you can stand out…
       Finally get the recognition you deserve!

💡 The #1 rule you need to follow, keep your ideas short, simple and funny…
       This is a trade secret you don’t want to miss out on!

💡 Learn what the audience wants to hear so you can gain their undying loyalty…
       Get your very own super fans!

Lesson 2 – Where Comedy Starts

💡 Re-program your brain to write the best comedy and crush your competition…
       Comedy will now be second nature with just a few small tweaks!

💡 Learn to separate your thought process into 2 parts, the Clown and the Editor…
       The best of the best use this technique!

💡 Focus on creating great jokes instead of a high volume of subpar jokes…
       Learn the #1 method professional comedy writers use to write GREAT jokes!

Lesson 3 – How Audiences Get It 

💡 Learn the number one problem all writers face and how to get past it…
       Once you learn this, you’ll never be stumped again!

💡 Help your audience find you and get more eyes on your work…
       You don’t need an agent or publisher to get noticed!

💡 Mix and match the media of your humor to strengthen the impact of your material…
       The stronger the impact the more waves you’ll make!

Lesson 4 – What’s Funny? 

💡 Learn the essential ingredient all comedy requires…
       If you’re not doing this, you SHOULD be!

💡 Learn the 5 types of humor in broad and specific breakdowns…
       The best in the business use these tools!

💡 Expand your range of humor to access more audiences…
       You’ll be on your way to getting huge laughs!

Lesson 5 – What The Audience "Gets"

💡 Learn all jokes’ "secret ingredient" if you want your audience to "get" it…
       The most skilled comedians have mastered this!

💡 Learn how to subversively deliver your message to the audience…
       Create a long-lasting impression that keeps your audience talking about your jokes!

💡 Find topics you're passionate about that the audience is hungry for…
       Be relatable and still have that "shock factor"!

The Funny Filters

"Helped me land a full-time writing job!"
"The courses I took with Scott and the curriculum he’s developed were really useful in helping me both broaden my comedy-writing skillset and also help me identify some bad habits and weaknesses, and be a better self-editor as well as writer. These skills really were useful in helping me land my first paid comedy-writing work and also eventually to land a full-time writing job."
Tricia England, comedy writer

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Lesson 6 – Irony

💡 Nail the fundamentals of these 11 Funny Filters starting with Irony

💡 Learn the exact formula successful comics use to write reliably funny jokes every time

💡 Use my fail-safe system that works with any type of comedy

Lesson 7 – Character

💡 Learn how to use this common Funny Filter to create the best comedic characters

💡Use this method to create characters that amplify your jokes

💡Learn about the 40 character archetypes and choose the best fit for your style

Lesson 8 – Shock

💡 Learn the 5 easiest ways to shock your audience and which best fits your comedy style
💡Find out how to perfectly balance your jokes so you don’t lose your audience

💡Use this Funny Filter to loosen up your audience and get them laughing

Lesson 9 – Hyperbole

💡 Learn why this Funny Filter might not be working for you

💡 Use these tips to write like a professional comic even if you’re just starting out

💡Combine your opinion with this Funny Filter for ultimate success

Lesson 10 – Wordplay

💡 Finally learn how to use wordplay in your jokes without sounding cheesy
💡Learn the list of wordplay devices that don’t work so you can avoid them

💡Find out the 9 types of wordplay that actually work and how to use them

Lesson 11 –  Reference 

💡 Master the tools you’ll need to point out each reference both common and obscure
💡Learn the different levels of reference and how to pull them off

💡Create a shared bond with the audience that gets laughs

Lesson 12 –  Madcap 

💡 Find out what audiences love about Madcap and how to use it to your advantage
💡Learn how to use Madcap two ways—in performance comedy and print comedy

💡Learn the number one rule of thumb when using this Funny Filter

Lesson 13 –  Parody

💡 Learn the difference between Parody and Satire that you won’t forget
💡 Maximize your results with these fail-safe rules

💡 Make your comedy funnier by changing this one simple thing

Lesson 14 –  Analogy

💡 Find out how to use this filter successfully and why your audience will love it
💡Learn the best ways to use “mapping” in your comedy

💡Master the "two-sided Analogy" to keep the audience riveted

Lesson 15 –  Misplaced Focus

💡 Learn which Funny Filters to pair with Misplaced Focus for gut-busting laughs
💡Give an audience the rush of discovering the secret meaning behind your jokes

💡Learn the 3 major game changers that will captivate your audience

Lesson 16 –  Metahumor

💡 Learn the 4 types of Metahumor that you can use to set your comedy apart
💡 How to master the craft of laughing at yourself… like when your joke bombs

💡 Find out how to use “antihumor” to create jokes out of nothing

How to Use the Funny Filters

"I highly recommend!"
"I took Scott’s class and the experience really helped me to dig deeper with my comedy. With his help, I was able to write a book, which really put my work out there. I highly recommend following his steps if you’re looking to kickstart your comedy career!"
—Alyssa VonCrash, performer

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Lesson 17 –  
Joke-Writing Method 1

💡 Find out how this proven method can help you create joke after joke every time
💡 The step-by-step process of filtering your jokes through the Funny Filters & how to started

💡 Leverage both your good and bad material to create even more hilarious humor

Lesson 18 –  
Joke-Writing Method 2

💡 Learn how to build on an idea and help it grow into a big laugh
💡 Learn to avoid this beginner trap when creating funny lines

💡 Learn how to spot your best ideas so you can put them front and center

Lesson 19 –  
Joke-Writing Method 3

💡 Learn how to create a joke when you have zero ideas
💡 Follow this exact blueprint to discover the a bottomless well of jokes

💡 Use this method to get past any creative block

"Extremely fortunate to work with and learn from Scott!"
"I’ve admired Scott Dikkers’s comedy for decades and have been extremely fortunate to work with and learn from him. No one is smarter about comedy or more qualified 
to teach it."
Andy Borowitz, creator of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Humor Editor of The New Yorker magazine

100% Money-Back Guarantee

✔️ Once you’ve completed all the lessons, you’ll have tools you can use             over and over again to create volumes of funny writing! 

✔️ Avoid mental or creative blocks for good!

✔️ Build a loyal audience!
How To Write Funny is your complete, one-stop, how-to manual for understanding and 
mastering the fundamentals of comedy writing.

In the past, if you wanted to learn comedy in an actionable way that really worked, you had to:

🤑Learn stand-up comedy by spending as much as 20 years performing at comedy
 clubs, wasting THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per year.

🤑Study at one of a handful of accredited universities that have a comedy major and 
spend as much as $50,000 on tuition, fees, books, and other expenses

🤑Take SEVERAL LEVELS of improv or writing classes at a major comedy training 
center at $300 per class.
Cost of learning stand-up on the road = 
20 YEARS and perhaps $100,000

Cost of an accredited college program that offers a college major = 
4 years and upwards of $50,000

Cost of taking classes at a famous comedy training center = 
at least $2400
If someone who wanted to learn comedy was faced with these expenses, how 
much do you think they would expect to pay for an easy shortcut if they only 
knew about it?

How to Write Funny is a one-time online class that can deliver better and faster 
resultsDozens of students who took the original How to Write Funny course 
immediately launched professional comedy-writing careers. Meanwhile, a lot 
of the people who took those expensive, traditional routes are still slogging 
through the trenches of the comedy industry, struggling to make a dime. And who 
are the instructors at those colleges and training centers? You have an opportunity 
with How to Write Funny to learn from one of the world's BEST.

Anyone can go the traditional route and lay out THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS 
of dollars. But why?

How To Write Funny is offering the most streamlined and effective comedy-skills 
course available. And, this may sound crazy and hard to believe, but it's now being 
offered for just $297. That's half off its original price at the famed Second City 
Training Center in Chicago. But act fast! This price is only going to be available for 
a limited time!

You'll get the one-on-one attention you deserve. You'll get a classroom experience—
but from the comfort of your own home! I offer live Ask Me Anything calls and the 
private Facebook group where you can interact with me and your peers.

My Personal Guarantee

Try How To Write Funny for a full 60-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied after completing the course and the weekly assignments, 
just contact me at support@howtowritefunny.com and I will happily issue a refund 
within the first 60 days. This is a bold move on my part that no other comedy class offers. 
This is truly a risk-free opportunity that will take your comedy to the next level. If it doesn’t,
 you get your money back!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Plus you’ll get these bonuses…

"How to Write Funny" is Scott's signature recipe for writing jokes that get MILK-COMING-OUT-OF-YOUR-NOSE LAUGHS
"How to Write Funnier" details how to expand your jokes into longer bits, sketches and stories that GRIP AUDIENCES throughout

"How to Write Funniest" shows you how to EXPONENTIALLY improve the laugh-potential of your comedy
"How to Write Funny Characters" This guide to writing comedic characters reveals how to create unique yet time-tested archetypes that audiences will FALL IN LOVE WITH

"Jump Start Your Comedy Career" shows you how to give your comedy the KICK THE IN THE PANTS it needs

"Supercharge Your Comedy Career" contains Scott's quickest tips for 10x-ING your road to COMEDY SUCCESS

"23 Tips to Improve Your Stand-Up" is a game-changing checklist to INSTANTLY turn your stand-up into COMEDY GOLD

"Big Ass Cliche List" contains the 300 jokes that you absolutely must AVOID AT ALL COSTS in your comedy writing / performing

Scott's "Joke Writing Cheat Sheet" is a simple, fill-it-out-yourself tool to write HILARIOUS MATERIAL whenever you need

 $297 (A $799 Value)

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